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PN/WPN series precision planetary reducer

  • Instructions

Thewire/reduction ratio: I = 3:1 ~ 100:1

The output torque and output torque: up to 3500 n.m

The frame size/frame models: pn/WPN 070/060/240

WPN precision servo planetary reducer performance and features:

1, planetary gear transmission interface selection does not contain stick to implement the full needle needle roller bearing, increase the contact area in order to improve the structure rigidity and the output torque;

, choose 3 d / 2 PORE planning analysis technology, the tooth surface of spiral tooth form and lead nap, gritting to drop gear meshes into and out of shock and noise, increase the use of gear train full;

3, the gear material and the use of high-grade chrome vanadium molybdenum alloy steel, after tempering heat treatment to the base material hardness 30 HRC, reuse the factory advanced ion nitriding equipment to the hardness of gear surface nitriding to 840 hv, in order to obtain the best resistance to abrasion and impact toughness;

4, planetary boom, with output shaft with one-piece structure planning and output shaft bearing with large span plan selected to ensure that the biggest change of rigidity and output load ability;

5, using NYOGEL792D of lubricating grease, and selects the IP65 protection grade seal planning, lubricating oil is not leaking, free protection;

6, connecting the input with the motor selection collet type locking organization and the dynamic balance, to ensure that under the high input speed combined with the concentricity of interfaces and zero back lash power transmission;

7, the gear rod made of sun gear, strong rigidity, precise concentricity;

8, common motor connecting plate and bushing modularization programming, is applicable to any servo motor;

WPN series servo precision planetary reducer, with high precision, high rigidity, high load, high efficiency, high speed ratio, high stature, low inertia, low vibration, low noise, low temperature rise, appearance beautiful, light and small structure, installation convenience, accurate positioning and other characteristics, suitable for ac servo motor, dc servo motor, stepping motor, hydraulic motor of growth and slow down transmission. Products suitable for the global production by the makers of any drive coupling, such as: panasonic, Taiwan, yaskawa, mitsubishi, sanyo, Siemens, schneider, Fuji, method of the g, kobe Bryant, cole, AMK, Morgan parker, and so on.

WPN series precision servo planetary reducer ratio: 1-100 more than 20 specific speed can choose; A, double reduction transmission; Accuracy: the level of the transmission accuracy in 2-4 arc), the secondary transmission accuracy in classification of 4-5 arc more than one hundred kinds of standards.