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PW series precision planetary reducer

  • Instructions

Rotio/reduction ratio: I = 1:1 ~ 3200:1

The output torque and output torque: up to 3200 n.m

The frame size/frame models: pw 65 ~ 280

Product into the power shaft sleeve with steel made by the special disposal process with both elastic and rigid; Front and back end cover is to reduce weight and the anode sclerosis treated can effectively avoid corrosion or scratch; Shaft sleeve lock ring into force to ensure the output shaft of the motor and reducer for separation of sliding to do transmission torque; Swimming star gear cover to ensure stable planetary gear; Common vacuum carburizing gear toughness of both surface hardness and the core, not only good wear resistance, and can in an overloaded conditions, adhere to the high mesh precision.

Fine planetary gear speed reducer consumption cycle fast, quality three guarantees quality assurance;

Servo use planetary reducer can according to customer request non-standard precision planetary reducer,

Servo reducer performance and features.

Servo with machine of decelerate of planet of appropriate global manufacturing by the makers of any cohesive drive products, such as: panasonic, Taiwan, yaskawa, mitsubishi, sanyo, Siemens, schneider, Fuji, method of the g, kobe Bryant, cole, AMK, Morgan parker, and so on. Precision planetary reducer is suitable for ac servo motor, dc servo motor, stepping motor, hydraulic motor of growth and slow down transmission